My teaching tasks at the RMIT University include organising, coordinating and teaching the Software Engineering Projects (SEPs) within the courses COSC 2648, COSC 2649, COSC 2616, COSC 2410, COSC 2411 (Master and Bachelor levels); Altogether these projects are called YourSoftware Program.

In 2016, I also coordinated and taught the Internship Year courses within the Bachelor of SE Program (more information on the internships can be found here).

SEPs provide to the RMIT students a hands on practical experience in developing software within a real project environment, having meetings with stakeholders and the corresponding mentoring, as well as experience in a team work on larger projects.

Teams consist of 4 – 6 students (depends on the project and number of students enrolled into the courses).

Allocation to the teams is based on students' skills and preferences.

Students work on the projects 12 weeks long for approx. 20-40 hours/week, depending on the courses they are enrolled in.

Project proposals: Competitive! For example, in Semester 2, 2016, we had 20 project proposals, and 15 of them got a team.

If you would like to sponsor a software development project for Semester 1, 2018, please send me your draft proposal for the approval by 5 February.

The final version of the proposal has to be consolidated by 19 February.

The presentation of the proposals by the industrial partners to the students the Semester Week 1, 27 February - 2 March (there will be 2 sessions, date and time will be announces towards the end of February).

Final allocation to the teams and notification about acceptance of the projects for Semester 1, 2018, will be done by 8 March.

I will have fortnightly meetings in RMIT with each team (Semester Weeks 3-13), where industrial partners have to attend. In the opposite weeks industrial partners can have meetings either in RMIT or in their offices, this should be negotiated with students.

The projects will be concluded by a showcase on 8 June (Friday of Semester Week 14).

Here are some examples of the software the students delivered under my supervision:

Our partners over the last years were

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Commonwealth bank
  • ANZ
  • Department of Justice & Regulation
  • Cisco
  • Panviva
  • Shine Solutions
  • NostraData
  • Cast Solutions
  • Spatial Vision
  • RedBubble
  • CompuThough / Stable-Eyes
  • ReadCloud
  • BubbleFish
  • Core Management
  • Health Delivered
  • VxLab
  • Yoda
  • poll
  • Emprevo
  • Trispective
  • Health Delivered
  • On the house
  • Music Therapy
  • PTD Cambodia
  • Chemistry Research Group
  • eResearch
  • China-Australia International Research Centre for Chinese Medicine