Internship Year

Internship Year within the Bachelor of SE Program

One year Internship within Bachelor of Software Engineering Program: Work Integrated Learning on the 3rd year of study, starting from Semester 1.

Core features of the internships:

  • Must be full-time for at least 40 weeks (can be longer!)
  • Must be in SE area (not help desk or networking support)
  • Should be paid
  • Can be split between two companies (each part should be at least 4 months long)

If you would like to undertake the Internship year as a Bachelor of SE student:

  • Get approval from the Internship Coordinator (me :)) prior to commencement
  • WIL agreements have to be signed by your manager, you and me
  • Enrol into
    • Approved Industry Experience 1 & 2 – No fees
    • Software Engineering Principles and Practise 1 & 2 – Fees (12 credit points course each semester)

If you are a Bachelor of SE student, but by some reasons cannot start the Internship Year from Semester 1, please discuss your case with the Program Coordinator (A/Prof James Harland) and the Internship Coordinator (me).

Slides of the Introductory Session can be found here.

As a part of the private initiative (this is not a part of my role as an Internship Coordinator) I created a Google Group, where I will post about the SE job opportunities. If you a an RMIT student or Alumni and would like to receive this information, please write to me and I will include you into the group.

The introductory presentations for the Internship Year 2017:

(venue: Building 14, level 8, Open Lounge)

Thursday, 18 August, 5:30pm:

General information session

In this session I will provide you an introductory information on the possibilities to have internship as a part of your Bachelor of SE study.

Monday, 22 August, 5:30pm:

Information session on Leidos internships (

In this session Daniel McLean, Leidos, will present you internship opportunities within Leidos.

Thursday, 25 August, 6pm:

Information session on CEVO internships (

In this session Colin Panisset, Director of CEVO, will present you internship opportunities within CEVO.