SE Projects: Previos Semesters

SE Projects: Previous Semesters

In Semester 1, 2016, we had 18 project proposals, and 12 of them got a team. The Project Proposal Sponsors of these teams were

  • ANZ,
  • Navy,
  • Panviva,
  • Bookon,
  • RedBubble,
  • Kaleido Labs,
  • Carers Victoria,
  • Bureau of Meteorology,
  • Adeft Consulting Group,
  • Department of Justice & Regulation.

Projects, successfully completed in Semester 2, 2015 (12 teams):

  • Digital EcoSystem-2 (ANZ): A cloud-based co-innovation lab to enable ANZ to conduct collaborative projects with trusted partners.
  • Mobile cloud-based testing (Siemens): Mobile cloud-based testing app for smart engineering, targeting 'agile' maintenance by focusing on the testing perspective.
  • Aeon Timeline Cloud-based Syncing (Scribble Code): A cloud based web application for data synchronisation, with the focus on usability and traceability.
  • BOM Ocean and climate data (Bureau of Meteorology): A cloud-based web service for applying a machine learning algorithm for pattern detection in ocean data.
  • BookOn Hub (BookOn): online Hub for University Students, allowing students to engage in online Tutorials and Q&A forums and to contribute their knowledge to discussions in their fields of expertise, in Universities and Higher Education institutions across Australia.
  • Warehouse (Brosa): an add-on to a web-based system, to optimise loading patterns for various sizes of trucks, trailers, containers , etc. whilst taking into account our urgency requirements for certain goods.
  • BaoMoney (BMY Group): Corporate web platform with focus on usability, security and traceability.
  • PetHomeStay: A a mobile app to facilitate information and connections between Hosts and Guests of PetHomeStay, to enable notifications, communications, trust and improve the overall customer satisfaction.
  • ProductWise Platform (ProductWise): An online platform for products peer review to raise productivity and sustainability benchmarks
  • Treatment Decision Aid (Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute): An online tool to allow patients recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer to inform themselves of treatment options that are best for them.
  • WATER (SEEK): A tool to automatically approximate the weights required to achieve optimal ranking based expert training data.
  • iPhone+iPad Apps for Matthew O’Sullivan Start-Up: Under NDA.

Projects, successfully completed in Semester 1, 2015 (7 teams):

  • Digital EcoSystem (ANZ): A digital ecosystem which enables ANZ to collaborate with external parties and the technologies.
  • HR Tool (IPHealth): A cloud based web and mobile application that assist the HR in health sector to provide employee orientation and measure performance.
  • SeeraPeople (Seera): A cloud based web application that was built on the basis of SFIA framework which will assist the individuals in seeking training and mentoring to bridge their skills gaps.
  • TimeSheet (2Cloudnine): A mobile time sheeting application that will be built using salesforce platform for the recruitment agencies.
  • Vouch (FrameWorksMelbourne): A cloud based web application that allows people to vouch others work and provide recommendations.
  • iSentry (Sentient): A mobile application that will enable the security agencies to view live/stored video streams and also provide maps of locations.
  • MobileSMSGateway (SMAP): A mobile application that will be enable a android device as a server to assist data collection using SMS in remote parts of world.