PhD Scholarship in SE: ILC project (RMIT University)

Value and duration: The scholarship is valued at A$27,000 per annum for 3 years.

Eligibility: To be considered for scholarship you:

1. Must meet RMIT’s entry requirements for the Research Programs.

2. Should be an Australian/New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Resident. For the case of exceptional study profile (excellent GPA, research and development skills, etc.) we might consider an international applicant. Note, that an international applicant at RMIT should pay annual tuition fee AU$33,600.

Strictly speaking, to be eligible for PhD study, you need to have at least 4years Bachelor degree with Honours or Master degree with a research component. Another option would be to have publications in top-ranked venues.

However, you might try to apply for a Master by Research study (ILC project allows this option), its requirements are less strict and you might have some chances there. Then, in the case you have good results within the first year of Master by Research study, you might be eligible to transfer to PhD from Master by Research.

Project: Development of Software Platform for Cannabinoids

This project aims to provide an integrated and open source platform for cannabinoid research/user data from academia, industry and clinicians. The vision is that all cannabinoid research/user data will be deposited in a common repository and overtime this repository will provide evidence for efficacy of cannabinoid treatment of various disorders, and help doctors, researchers and industry to choose the right cannabinoid profiles for various conditions.

The database will be developed in consultation with A/Prof Nitin Mantri and Dr Maria Spichkova who are working on initial design. They collaborate with other experts from RMIT University and across the world as required. The applicant should have a degree in computer science and sound working knowledge of software development tools (see examples below).

Programming/Web: PHP, Java, C, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, JQuery

Database/DBMS: SQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle

Technologies: Web Development, Web Systems Administration, Database Design and Query Optimization, Organic SEO

Applications and further information:

Please send to Dr Maria Spichkova,

  • 1-page letter of motivation (clearly denote your status - Australian/New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, or international applicant)
  • your detailed CV
  • your study transcripts

Close date: As soon as we find an appropriate candidate.